Ally Queen


Ally Queen- New World Artist

The earth is changing ...
Ally Queen is a Starseed, a Pleiader.  She comes from the planet of love and flowers.
She has incarnated on Earth to spread light, joy, healing, consciousness, connection, and love.
She has chosen music to be able to fulfil her mission.
She is a medium and a mediator between worlds and uses her gift through music, her voice has the power of healing and transformation.
When Ally writes and composes songs, positive and healing energies are integrated into them at the same time, so they can have a healing and transformative effect when you listen to them.

Ally channels her song lyrics and this is not done on command, but when the time is right. Because creating music is art, and this does not come from the mind through haste and pressure. It comes from the heart through feeling and dedication.