Ally Queen

How I created my Artist Name “Ally Queen

Ally Queen

About Ally is actually about me (Anne) because I strive to be like her at all times. She is my higher self.

Since my childhood I dreamed to be on stages. With my best friend, we would re-enact performances. Later, at the age of 20, I created mini playback shows with friends and sang live. Everything was inside me for many years and only since 4 years I let out this musical side and live it.

I always thought I wasn't good enough. I always let myself be held back by what others might think. But my inner voice kept saying: Do it. It is in you. It is your life. It doesn't matter what others think of you. You don't have to please anyone.

You are often your own biggest enemy and often stand in your own way.

For 4 years I finally leave the musical part, I write songs, compose melodies to them and then pass them on to Ben Hendricks. He produces with me and for me, my music. For me, he is worth his weight in gold, and I am glad to have met him. He is an all-round talent. Coincidence brought us together, but I don't believe in coincidences. He helped me discover my musical talent and develop it.

Ally Queen. That name just popped into my head. It was just there. I liked it because I also like Queen, and the name Ally could be derived from Anne. My real name here on earth is Anne.  But Annie Queen did not sound good to me. Therefore, simply Ally Queen (I have since created Ally Queen's own biography, so when I go on stage, I turn into her). Actually it was Ally Flora, Queen. The addition of Flora came about because my life symbol “is the flower.” Already in kindergarten my symbol on the clothes hook was a flower and also this was no coincidence.

For a long time, I hated flowers, until I realized: I hated myself.

To find out why, I worked on myself for a long time and until today. On my personality on my inner issues and deal with self-love, relationships of all kinds and explore the psychic world and I know that there are Starseeds (aliens) and they live among us incarnate and not incarnate;-)

Ally Queen