Ally Queen

About Ally Queen and Ben Hendricks

Ally Queen and Ben Hendricks

The Mission

Ben Hendricks and Ally Queen, an Arcturian and a Pleiadian, have been sent by a higher council to serve on Earth.

The NEW EARTH Council. This council includes various starseeds and positive entities from other dimensions and galaxies to help Earth raise its consciousness and ascend to the 5th dimension. Ben and Ally have the task to bring consciousness to the people, love, connection, and healing and to support them in their awakening process.

This means expansion of consciousness.

The people on earth will feel it more and more....
Everything that is not created out of love decays.

  • The time is over when the world is only about profit.
  • The time is over when we idolize other "superstars." For it is time to discover the "superstar" within ourselves.
  • The time is over in which outward appearances are more important than inner values.  Our body has other tasks than "just" looking good.
  • The time is over when we judge and condemn others. It is time to take care of our own lives.

Now its time for change- the earth is changing

  • It's time to let all suppressed emotions like anger, sadness break out and be felt.
  • It is time for more fulfillment, relaxation and joy in life.
  • It is time for humanity, sincerity, justice, understanding, compassion.
  • Now its time to find your own mission and purpose, your own passion.

More than Music

More than just music

Their music has a 80s touch and futuristic elements.... Ben and Ally don't like to be squeezed into one genre of music.... they have created a new genre of music: "New World Music" - it stands for "do what you love and don't follow any mainstream trend."

Their songs are about transformation, a gentle revolution, true connection, change, and self-love and - of course - fun and joy.  It's about more than just music.

Her album "Soundtrack for change" is a multidimensional work. It can have a transformative effect on your own system (body, mind, and spirit).

It is their gift to the world that is going through challenging times right now.

Ally Queen and Ben Hendricks