Project: Change – My collaboration with Ben Hendricks Music

Album Release on 16-06-2023 –
Save The Date!

Our Album „Soundtrack for change“ - a huge collaboration project with Ben Hendricks - will be released on June 16th, 2023! It is now in the finalizing phase. The album contains more than varied themes and original music - it carries lots of transformative energy for a positive change, since we both went through a massive transformation ourselves. We’ve put all the love into these 16 titles to accompany you during these challenging times. It's worth listening to all the tracks and staying tuned to the end each time, because there's a lot to discover.

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Ally Queen and Ben Hendricks


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After the release of the first album “Soundtrack for Change” a series of shows is planned. Therefore, a collaboration of New World Artists has been started: Ben Hendricks featuring Ally Queen.
We call this Project: Change. Now, all necessary things are in preparation for this newly designed event series. Our Live Shows will be interactive community events with transforming energy through music, stories and channelled messages. A special event with more than just music.
If you are a Booking Agent, contact us for more information. We are also open for opportunities to play live (like “normal” concerts or customized events).

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The earth is changing ...
Ally Queen is a Starseed, a Pleiader.  She comes from the planet of love and flowers.
She has incarnated on Earth to spread light, joy, healing, consciousness, connection, and love.
She has chosen music to be able to fulfil her mission.
She is a medium and a mediator between worlds and uses her gift through music, her voice has the power of healing and transformation.

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Ally Queen


How I created my Artist Name "Ally Queen

About Ally is actually about me (Anne) because I strive to be like her at all times. She is my higher self.

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Ally Queen