Ally Queen

Connectedness between people

 Ally Queen

I know it as sisterhood and brotherhood.

I want to remember that we are all one. Even though we are all unique and not comparable, we are still the same. We are human beings. At least our soul (whatever its origin) incarnated as a human being to express itself creatively, to have positive and also negative experiences on earth. The earth is a place of learning. We all belong to mother earth.

In perceive that people are not themselves. I perceive destruction, Between people. Be it society. Between friends, in relationships, in work relationships. It often has a toxic effect on me.

I wish for more cooperation again instead of this competition thinking.

I want to give awareness. Because that's what I came for. I want to connect people with each other again, that they connect. This will also be a theme at our concerts. There will be connection.

Every person can contribute to the positive change of the earth. By becoming active for himself and facing his inner issues. That means dealing with the inner child and his fears. This is called inner healing.

In addition, it also helps to question his own world-view. Is the world really as I see it? Or am I looking through a filter?

Do others perhaps have a different world view than I do? Are they nevertheless also right? Nobody knows the absolute truth. We will probably only know this when we leave this earth.

Hugs & love Ally